Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love Story Part 1

BW picks on me for my insanely accurate photographic memory. Recently for my new job I had to study for one of the most challenging  tests I had ever taken. My method of studying is to just stare at the pages until it sinks in. Yes, it's as insane as it sounds and yes, its what got me through college.  So, to me, these memories are like pictures. So I remember a little too much. I remember the weather. I remember what he was wearing. I remember what we ate. I remember EVERYTHING.

Without even turning around he said, "where do you want it?", and with that they lived happily ever after.  Now wouldn't THAT be a story!! I guess I should give you more of a story then that, and perhaps an explanation.

I moved to North Carolina in August of 2010.I had just moved away from everything. I packed up my life and went.  I spent a few months enjoying unemployment, enjoying long workouts, and just exploring my new sights.  In October I went through a staffing agency to find a job. I just needed something to 'get by', something to pay my student loans.  They placed me at a mortgage insurance company in the city.  It was perfect. I loved being downtown, I loved the 10 minute commute, and I loved the fresh start. 

I never intended on meeting anyone at work but as a single girl I couldn't help but take an extra look at guys I would meet.  Some girls like the typical southern guy, I'm not one of them.  Its possible to be TOO sweet, its possible for your jeans to be TOO tight and its possible for your pickup truck to be TOO big.  Its not my thing.  Like the start of any job comes a lot of tedious tasks. My computer needed to be set up, my phone needed to be hooked up, and passwords needed to be set.  I had come back from using the restroom when their was a guy standing in my cubicle plugging in my phone.  I could tell you right now, from head to toe, what he was wearing but I will spare those details.  Without even turning around he said, "where do you want it?"  He was holding a phone in his hand and as he turned around, I replied, "anywhere is fine."  Then I blacked out.  I kid I kid.  I told him I had to go to lunch and asked him if he needed me to be there while he did what he needed to.  He said no.  I left and called every friend I knew. 

I knew that I HAD to meet this guy.  This was ridiculous. He spoke three words to me and I was convinced I needed to meet him.  There was something about him that screamed I'M NOT A COWBOY. I'm kidding- well sort of.  I missed home.  I missed my friends. I missed the bar scene we were used to. I missed FUN.  There was something about this guy that said something different- I was sure that he'd be able to remind me of home.  I had no friends here. So I was determined to find a friend in him.

I don't suggest writing this down, or taking my advice on dating because this is NOT how to do it folks.  I had no idea how to even initiate conversation with him. So, I did what any sane, single, Boston girl would do... I made up phone problems.  Email Subject: "Hey Bobby, something is wrong with my phone, it won't work."   IM: "Hey, are you busy? My phone is doing something weird." Here is the thing about BW, he is a go-getter, an all or nothing kind of guy. So, instead of replying to my messages he would just SHOW UP at my desk.  This backfires when you ain't got no phone problems.  After some back and forth nonsense and a boring Friday of work IM chatting, he asked me out for drinks. This is the moment I praised the lord for the desk drawer full of makeup for those 'just in case a coworker asks you out' moments.  I met him downstairs.

It was just like any other first date.  A lot of getting to know you questions, some silence, more questions... We sat there for a few hours when BW told me he'd love to keep our night going but he had to head home to let his dog out. WHAT? LAMESAUCE.  (sidebar- now that I know and love that little sonofabitch dog, she most definitely had to be let out...she doesn't like to hold it).  He drove me back to my car, where we sat for a few minutes. .... he asked what I was doing the next night.  And like the most amazing dater, single girl, loser face on the planet I said, "eh, yah I'm probably busy." I know, I know. I panicked! I even went home and told my mom what happened and she confirmed I was a complete loser.  I spent my Saturday night alone.... punching myself in the face.

Sunday was a new day and I was going to redeem myself.  We texted a little back and forth through out the day.  I could tell he wasn't much of a texter and this was really going to make my redemption hard.  It became late in the afternoon and he mentioned he was going out for drinks with his roommate and asked if I wanted to join.  This is where I, again, made up some excuse as to why I couldn't go. Then after a little pep talk with myself and a quick reminder of why I was still single, I texted back and confirmed I'd be there. 

We enjoyed another night out together where we got to know each other, laughed, drank, la la la.  He was doing NOTHING to WOO me, nothing to impress me... he was just being himself.  I, on the otherhand, was on cloud nine to even be in his presence.  How lame does that sound? But it's true. And I'm now his wife, so I'm allowed to say that.  We headed back to his apartment to play cards with his roommates.  I will never, ever, ever forget our first kiss.  Ever. 

I also will never, ever forget the moment  when I got home and laid in bed and my eyes filled with tears, and as I closed my eyes, I knew without a shadow of a doubt I had just kissed my soul mate...

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