Friday, April 6, 2012

Forever & A Day...

Soldiers need reassurance. Reassurance that when they get back from war their lady will be waiting, their home will be just the way they left it, and that everything will fall back into place. He often says that a soldier needs this reassurance in order to maintain a clear head to stay out of danger.

We expected a deployment. He signed up for this; as did I.  With a promotion to Sargent came a quicker deployment date. I promised to call him Sargent at home if he promised not to go. Duty calls. The calendar is like a ticking time bomb.. Just watching the weeks go by until that day comes; when the bags get packed, the uniforms washed, and the checklists checked.

As my soldier gets ready to deploy to Afghanistan he often asks me, "promise you'll wait?".. I respond, "Forever and a day..."

The reassurance he needs to bring him home to me...

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