Saturday, April 7, 2012

Face of a hero.

Olivia Winter wanted to come into this world feet first; ready to run.  The weeks after an unexpected c-section he was my hero.  Our hospital stay was a blur.  I don't remember feeding her, changing her, or rocking her to sleep. Simple. That's because I didn't.  He took over the way any soldier would. They are trained that way. They take care of their families; both this one and the one in uniform. I watched him from my hospital bed with Olivia and its as if he'd done this before.  He hadn't. But like any soldier- he was prepared- in every way possible. Ready for battle.

As we prepare for deployment we can't help but think of all the milestones in Olivia's life he'll miss. Her first words, her first step, her first birthday, her first first first. The military doesn't care about these things. "These things" don't wait just because duty calls. We promise to talk about Daddy all of the time so she begins to think of him as some fictional character, like one on tv, that she'll get to meet one day. She needs to hear his voice so she doesn't fear it. She needs to smell his smell so she doesn't hide from it. She needs to find comfort in his warm nature so she accepts it.  She needs to know him.  And I promise with everything that I am that I will make this happen. She needs to know there are two of us.

Olivia Winter looks just like her Daddy.  She was born with the face of a hero.

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