Friday, April 6, 2012

Soldier in disguise

They don't have it stamped on their foreheads. They don't wear their dog tags as jewelry and it's not something they tell you on a first date... They are soldiers in disguise; and this one wore jeans and a red polo.

The tough exterior was unbearable. The closed mindedness was getting old. And the "I'm not looking for anything.." was persistent and agitating.  This is the mindset of a soldier who just got back from Iraq. This is understandable when you put things into perspective and consider what they've gone through. For a girl who was falling in love...this was unacceptable.

Walls were broken and hearts were left open. "My" soldier had let me in.  The night we moved into our first place together he asked me to be his wife. Without reservation, I accepted. I accepted this soldier in disguise. For everything he was and everything he stood for... I said 'YES' to the Army...