Saturday, May 5, 2012

Coming or Going...

When you see a soldier in an airport you can't help but wonder if they are coming or if they are going.

I'd be lying if I said there weren't any perks to flying with a man in uniform. Airlines go out of their way to make a soldier and his family comfortable. It doesn't matter what your story is or where you're headed. There is a perk that shines brighter then any free checked bag, first class seat or extra room for baby. It's the young girl running to catch up to him to thank him for his service. It's the lady hanging up her business call and thanking me for what I do back home. It's the other service men nodding their heads at one another; like saying to one another "good to be home." As he rocked our baby girl to sleep an old man approached him and said it was like a Norman Rockwell painting. Soldiers are modest. Mine is. I told him he is a hero to these people. He said heroes are the guys that don't come home...

It was our first family vacation. He wasn't coming and he wasn't going. Not this time.

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