Friday, August 3, 2012

Nature's paternity test...

O might grow up confused into thinking her name is Bobby. I probably should save her the identity crisis and start calling her by her real name. Not to mention her imaginary, not in existence yet, Baby Brother's name will be BW Junior. I can see it now; the two of them in therapy together.

It's hard not to curse his name when she fusses, and to blame him for when she is moody. How about the truck driver farts? Those have DaDa written all over them. Its like the high heavens knew about deployment so decided to deliver me a mini BW that would remind me of his presence each day. She is my little angel; my little BW.. Who sometimes goes by 'BW OW' or better yet 'Baby Bobby.'

Aside from being blessed (uh huh)with his good looks, I hope for her she acquires his loving heart, generosity and motivation. Lord knows that motivation gene doesn't come from her Mama.

BW always immediately clicks with new fathers; I always laugh when I hear him in his macho tone talking about 'nature's paternity test' and that a baby will often resemble its father so the father will instinctively stick around...Sometimes the crowd laughs, sometimes the Dad looks at their baby panic stricken hoping to see a similar dimple or scowl.

My last effort was to rummage through some old baby photos of myself and hope so see similarities. Nope. Nada. Nothing. Wait, hold on...damnit. If it weren't for the fact I carried her for 9...shoot, 10 months, then I wouldn't even be sure she's mine.

We do know one thing Little Miss BW.. There will never be a Maury show, and there will never be an if, and or but..

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